reference list

No. Name of file Source Type of © (e.g. public domain, Creative Commons, self-made, AUT-owned, etc)
List all images Source (URL self-made, etc)
woman, ladder and glass ceiling–April-2011/Breaking-the-glass-ceiling/ newsletter
wage gap chart federal reserve bank of St Louis
more Ceo’s called John Global news, public domain
yadizi women public domain
capture woman public domain
slavery facts blog
wanted public domain
1 girl too many public domain
bring back our girls public domain
slavery facts public domain
prostitution forum
women’s voting rights
forced marriage
justice scales
blonde driving
madagascar public domain
virgin mary
hitler youth
jhadi bride
List all Websites Source (URL, self-made, etc)
What is a life worth public domain
What is a life worth public domain
Isis and Yazidi
Boko haram
stealing youth
laws public doamin

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